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The Makers Chattanooga has Valentine's Present Ideas for the Season of Love

The Makers Chattanooga has Valentine's Present Ideas for the Season of Love


With the most romantic day of the year right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to snag the perfect present for our loving partners. It can be difficult to hit all of the marks for that special someone in your life when it comes to Valentines Day ideas. Let’s take a look at what makes a Valentine surprise a winner.


1. Valentines Gifts that Show you Really Know Someone

Personalized gifts have been around for a long time. From the engraving to embroidery, giving someone their own name or quote of endearment shows that you went out of your way to embrace their individuality. What are some modern ideas for Valentines presents that display your knowledge and appreciation of your special someone?

Do they love fine art, sailing,cats, dogs or something romantic and classic? Artisan made makes them even more special!


    New Valentines trends show that handmade and fine artisan gifts with specific themes and imagery that are near and dear to the recipient are most likely to be cherished. 


2. February 14th Presents that Prove your Love for the World

The Makers Chattanooga carries a selection of functional, delightful, and skillfully crafted Valentines Day jewelry, decor, pottery, and wood works that will show your love for the planet is only rivaled by your love for your partner. Each gift comes with its own unique story. The details of our products’ origins are what makes the item a treasured keepsake.

Gifts for Him? How about getting a Men's dopp bag and filling it with goodies?   




3. Choosing Chattanooga Gifts for Valentines and the Power of Shopping Small  


Let’s face it, big box stores can be cheap and convenient. But how loved would it make your partner feel  to see the item you bought for them discounted on their way to pick up cereal the next morning? When you shop small in Chattanooga, or support Mom and Pop’s across the nation, you are strengthening the economy from its roots, giving back more to the communities the shop supports, and benefiting from the attention to detail and customer service that a small business can offer. According to the SBA, since 1990, large companies eliminated 4 million jobs, while small businesses added 8 million jobs.


With many small shops going out of business in these challenging times, it has never been a better era to support your locally owned stores. The Makers Chattanooga is proud join Good World Goods and now offers even more unique Valentines gifts with superb customer service! Each purchase is not only ethically sourced and affordable, it supports local artists and crafters that rely on your patronage to grow and sustain their work.  Buy Valentines Gifts with the pride and satisfaction of someone who cares about the impact of their precious dollars.

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